September 2019


September 14th, Desolation Sound

Cost $130;  Tax included

Mt Denman Desolation Sound
Mt Denman Desolation Sound Mt Denman Towers Over Desolation

Tales of Captains Cook, Vancouver, Galiano, Valdes and Quadra and possible stops at Logger Mike’s old homestead or Refuge Cove on West Redonda Island give a historical perspective to this incredibly beautiful area. One of the most famous yachting destinations on the Pacific Northwest, we will explore Desolation Sound in late August when the majority of the boats have started making their way home returning the Sound to a quiet backwater.

Conditions permitting, there may be an opportunity to take a swim in the famously warm waters of Desolation Sound. Just to whet your interest, here is a link to an article on the Cortes Museum site about the Flea Village.

Mountains rising up from the sea, a chance to see dolphin, porpoise and seals and wonderful story telling by Captain Mike Moore make this a memorable trip! Check out this orca encounter we had in August 2016!


Misty Isles departs the Cortes Bay public dock at 10:30 am and returns at about 5:00pm in conjunction with the ferry schedule. Guests are urged to park their vehicles in Heriot Bay on Quadra Is. and walk on to the Cortes ferry. This will reduce ferry traffic congestion and ensure that you will be able to get off Cortes on the last ferry of the day. A shuttle service to and from the ferry to Cortes Bay can be arranged at the time of guest registration.

This trip is hosted by the Cortes Island Museum and because space is limited on the trip, pre-registration is essential, so be sure to reserve your place early by calling the museum at (250) 935-6340 or by email

Guests participating on our trips should bring along a bagged lunch or order a Misty Isles sandwich (local fish, eggs or cheese in season) and local green salad lunch for $15.75 (GST included) at the time of registration. We also advise bringing rubber boots or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet for beach landings and clothing appropriate for the day which may include rain gear, extra jacket, long pants, sunscreen, sunhat and sun glasses. Don’t forget to pack your camera, binoculars and curiosity! Misty Isles provides black and herbal teas, coffee and home baked snacks.

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