Misty Isles Adventures

The Man Who Can Fly

Misty Isles stars in a supporting role for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC film “The Man Who Can Fly”!

In 2012 we were lucky enough to be able to transport legendary rock climber and base jumper Dean Potter and his National Geographic film team to the head of Bute Inlet as part of the effort to film “The Man Who Can Fly”. Travelling at 6 knots on Misty Isles gives the awesome beauty and ruggedness of Bute Inlet the perspective it deserves. Travelling on a crew boat at 35 knots results in a kind of jet lag that diminishes the scale of the place. Cortes Island author Judith Williams has written a great piece on this adventure that nicely accompanies the video. Judith Williams

Here is the trailer to the National Geographic film “The Man Who Can Fly”. A spectacular film with Misty Isles starring on National Geographic!

A sad postscript; In May 2015, Dean and a friend died while on a wing-suit flight in Yosemite National Park.

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