Misty Isles Adventures

Our Environmental Commitment

We believe eco-tourism is about enjoying the outdoors with minimal impact on the environment.

ECO-TOURISM. There are two sides to that word. Most of us understand it to mean people getting out into nature to view wildlife and scenery through an outdoor guiding company. But we also feel that it should mean getting people out there to enjoy the outdoors with MINIMAL IMPACT to the environment.

This is where the schooner Misty Isles excels. She slips along with hardly a ripple at a pace conducive to enjoying a cup of tea and conversation on deck. Even under power, she is remarkably quiet, something that many of our guests have commented on. The seals, porpoise and birds hardly notice her passing.

Misty Isles is also fuel-efficient. At cruising speed, the engine uses about five and a half litres of diesel per hour. For a five hour afternoon cruise into Desolation Sound with 12 guests onboard, that is a total of 27.5 litres or 2.3 litres per guest.

Of course our explorations by kayak or hoisting sail on Misty Isles given appropriate winds is the cleanest way to experience the area!

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