Misty Isles Adventures

Misty Farm; the back story to our marine tourism business

Behind the Misty Isles Life

At 43 feet, Misty Isles is certainly the biggest member of our family! Since purchasing the schooner in 1997, I’ve become known on Cortes Island as “Misty Mike,” as each summer my wife Samantha and I share our love of the outdoors through Misty Isles Adventures. From kayaking and sailing activities, to our 5-night Sea Kayaking Adventure program, we offer Hollyhock guests a chance to glide gently on the surface of the sea, passing miles of pristine coastline, with seals, bald eagles and seabirds for company.

With tourism at rest in the winter, our focus shifts to the land under our feet. Our small farm has a large garden, horses, alpacas and many chickens that feed us all year long. In fact, Misty Farm produces many of the ingredients used on our Misty Isles trips, like Samantha’s famous cookies! Join us behind the scenes, and in the snow…

Welcome to Misty Farm!

Filmed and produced by Amanda McNaughton  for the Hollyhock Life Long Learning Centre