Kayak Instruction


Cortes Island has many secluded and protected bays and coasts, the perfect place to relax and to take kayak instruction! And having the warmest ocean temperatures north of Mexico, it is also a great place to learn more advanced skills like rescues and rolling. Warm temperatures mean more comfortable practice yet it is still the ocean, a real life learning experience!

Introductory Class

The introductory class is appropriate for anyone who has never been in a kayak before or for those people who have never had a proper lesson in paddling technique or who just need a refresher. The intro class covers basic paddling strokes and kayak safety followed by a guided paddle so that you can put your new skills to use while relaxing into the kayak and enjoying the peaceful natural beauty of the area.

Rescue Class

The rescue class is for those who want to take up kayaking on an ongoing basis. Various self rescues and assisted rescues will be taught as well as intermediate bracing and draw strokes. It is a tremendous boost to one’s enjoyment and self confidence as a paddler to know that you are capable of doing a wet exit and can get back into your kayak should a capsize occur. Learning proper paddling technique is the first step and rescues the second in becoming a safe and competent kayaker.

We also offer kayak instruction in more advanced skills including chartwork, navigation, weather interpretation and how to pack your kayak for a trip. This instruction is available on request.

Groups (3 or more) Semi Private (2 persons)
Introductory Classes $90/person $115/person
– 4 Hours Long
Rescue classes $90/person $110/person
– 4 hours long *
* Rescue classes assume prior experience and provide the paddler with essential safety training
All prices in Canadian dollars and are based on a 3 person minimum. Applicable taxes not included.Full Price List
Kayakers should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather. Shorts or pants that can be rolled up are a good idea as you will get wet up to the knees. Footwear must be sturdy and able to get wet. Bare feet and thong type sandals are dangerous on shell covered, rugged shores. Old running shoes or water shoes are ideal. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, a sweater or light jacket and long slip on pants. For those who are doing a rescue class, even though we have the warmest ocean temperatures in B.C., we recommend that you bring a wet suit if you have one or long sleeve synthetic pants and top. We have a limited number of wetsuits which may be rented for the class for $15. A warm hat is nice to have as well. We provide all required safety gear.


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