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Mike Moore – your Captain

Mike and moon snail
From his childhood explorations of coastal tide pools to working as a navigation officer onboard Coast Guard ships, Mike’s life has always revolved around the ocean. He is a keen observer of all things marine.Mike grew up in Victoria, BC and after studying marine biology at the University of Victoria, he worked as a commercial diver fishing for scallops, sea cucumbers and the giant pacific octopus, the world’s largest. In 1986, after working as a deck hand during a particularly stormy halibut season, Mike decided to turn his attention to protecting the ocean and it’s resources instead of harvesting them. He joined the Canadian Coast Guard and after four years at the officer training college in Sydney, Nova Scotia, he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Nautical Sciences. He worked as a navigation officer on search and rescue ships, aids to navigation vessels and icebreakers. His sea voyages took him to all three Canadian coasts, the high arctic and the Panama Canal.In 1990, his intimate knowledge of the BC coast led Mike to work on various vessels doing ecotourism trips as Captain and naturalist. After moving to Cortes Island in 1991, he worked at T’ai Li Lodge as a kayak guide/ instructor, sailing skipper and naturalist. He also taught seamanship and chart work on the island. Samantha and Mike purchased the schooner Misty Isles in 1997 and began operating as Misty Isles Adventures in 2002.Since January 2001 Mike has expanded his field a little further and worked as a naturalist, lecturer and boat driver in Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia Island with Quark Expeditions and since 2006 he has worked the spring and fall seasons as a relief Captain on the sailing vessel Duen doing youth sailing programs in the Southern Gulf Islands.




Samantha Moore  comes to Cortes Island from Victoria, BC where she spent two and a half years working at Sealand of the Pacific, a large oceanarium. There she followed her dreams of being close to and interacting with large marine mammals including Orca, seals and sea lions. As an assistant trainer, she worked with the animals and helped out with the marine mammal rescue program helping rehabilitate abandoned seal pups back to the wild. After leaving Sealand, Samantha got a job as a research assistant to David Duffus from the University of Victoria. They studied the effects that pleasure boats have on the northern resident pod of killer whales, camping on an island in Johnstone Strait close by the famous rubbing beaches of Robson Bight (the only place where the whales are known to rub their bellies on the beach). This was truly a fantastic summer, spending their time observing the whales, counting their numbers, identifying individuals and watching their behavior. Samantha is able to identify and trace the genealogy of many of the individual whales that we see on our travels.Since moving to Cortes Island in 1994, Samantha had worked at Hollyhock Farm for five years as a cook and naturalist. She is an avid birder and loves to lead bird walks and beach talks in addition to guiding on Misty Isles and kayak trips.

Not only is Samantha part of our marine adventures, she also manages Misty Gardens. Our small farm has a large garden, horses, alpacas and many chickens that feed us all year long and produce many of the ingredients used on our Misty Isles trips. Since 2014 we have accepted WWOOFERS (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) to work with us. This is just another avenue for us to share our blessed lives with people from all over the world.

Samantha is also very involved with the Cortes Island community, she heads up the Cortes Island Food Bank and is active with local animal welfare groups.

Delphin Moore Together Mike and Samantha live on Cortes Island with their son Delphin. They try to live as simply and mindfully as possible, producing much of what they need from their own land. They purchased Misty Isles  in 1997 in order to pursue their common dream of getting out there and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors with others.

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